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These links will take you off my site. I cannot guarantee the content at the other end.


EUPHORIA is a fun and interesting programming language.
GROOVY... As java's popularity decreases but the java engine improves, languages built on it are becoming more popular. Groovy is one of my favorites.
PYTHON... I am very fond of this one. Love the forced structure and simplicity. Saved me a few times.
PERL...I was never a big perl guy, but after having to use it for something I came to like it's power and flexibility.
RUBY is a fun and rather pretty language. Try the web suite called RAILS for some fun.
W3Schools.com is a fantastic site and resource. It's a reference site for web development.


Amazon.com is where I go for all non-technical needs (and television too).
Newegg.com is where I go for all my technical needs.

Other links

My blogger.com web log. I ramble and blather about all sorts of stuff.
Geocaching.com. Geocaching is a lot of fun, check it out!
American Tarantula Society is a great site for sharing stories, pictures, etc.