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About Me

I am a Christian husband and father of two children. I am an OS hobbyist, build my own computers (well, buy the parts and put them together), am a Freemason, keep Tarantulas as pets and enjoy geocaching with my family.

I make my living as a software engineer. Most of my work is done in Java, but I am fluent enough in many other languages, in fact I actually prefer other languages. I am a bit of a generalist and will work on just about anything.

I have some strong opinions on how our government and society should be reformed yet generally have no idea how to implement them, but that doesn't stop me from voicing my ideas.

I appreciate the great Christian apologists, philosophers and scientists from both the present and the past and wish I could be more like them because I really DO believe the Gospel and I really want everyone else to believe it as well but I am not an eloquent speaker and when people push back on the subject I pretty much let it go. It troubles me tho' because I know God wants a relationship with them, and I want them to have a relationship with God.

I was not raised a Christian. My mother DID teach me to pray and tried to instill some "Christian values" into me, but I never read the Bible, never went to church or Sunday School. I picked up a bible when I was 14 or so years old (along with a book of mormon, and other religious texts), read Matthew and decided that while there were aspects of the Bible I did not agree with, because the gospel made so much sense to me, the parts I did not agree with were probably right as well and that I would have to go back and reread them and try to understand them. That's how I began my journey as a Christian.

The trend toward anti-theism in Freemasonry and society in general troubles me. I cannot understand it and I don't know how to change it. All I seem to be able to do is pray about it. I also enjoy writing poetry.