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Welcome to my Junkyard!

I use this site to play around, and to share some of my personal thoughts. My weblog page contains short works on a variety of topics which could include hardware, software, religion, politics, etc. My reviews page is what it says: I review things, mostly hardware and software, maybe TV shows.

Who am I?

You can read more about me on the "about me" page, but basically I am a software engineer and I keep my own website to tinker and play and share my thoughts about various topics.

Change log

Welcome to my website reboot. I've made some changes under-the-hood for fun. I also reverted to its old appearance (tho' slightly different/updated). If you don't come to my site often, you probably wouldn't know that.

I've altered the PHP and am using parsed XML files for content instead of simple HTML includes. There is a little more logic around loading and parsing files, but it is still basically a "file include" sort of design.

I had considered moving everything off into a MySQL database and defining classes around the content types, but... no. I still might do that in the future but that feels like a lot of work.

I would love to reimplement my site in Euphoria again, someday, but GoDaddy does not support it, and they won't unless I pay them a sick amount of money. Let's face it, this site is not worth ANY amount of money.